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Semi-Permanent Sound Booth

I'm a part of ComAcad a "learning community" at my school. One is focused on Film (ComAcad) and the other is focused on environmental science (SEA-DISC). In ComAcad, voiceover quality in our documentaries and short films is frequently... lacking. We record in a (albeit large) closet adjacent to a major hallway. It's echoey and the walls are thin, so if someone closes a door in the hallway it's picked up clearly in the recording. I had the idea to build a sound booth, and my friend Alex (pictured) and I got it approved by our engineering teacher.

The Plan

The sound booth had to fit through a standard-sized door, so it had to be disassemblable. We decided to make the walls removable, held together by a detachable bottom and top frame. We debated on this and eventually drew a (not to scale) diagram to determine our bill of materials (BOM) that we'd present to our teacher.

google doc with BOM

During the build, it's held together by just four screws, two on the top and bottom. When we move it into place it'll be disassembled and screwed back together once it's in place.

Alex standing in frame, in semi-completed, no one can hear you scream gauna quote, maker notebook pictures, alex's notebook pictures.

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